Welcome to Marine Risk Solutions

Marine Risk Solutions is an independent insurance broker whose operations office is located in Panama, with a network of representatives in several CIS countries.

Since foundation in 2008, MRS has focused on serving the needs of Shipowners from the CIS countries in the Hull insurance and P&I risks. Since then, the range of services we provide has grown and includes all classes of marine commercial insurance, and today we serve our clients in various countries, from South America and Caribbean region to Eastern Europe and the Middle East. We provide placement in the English insurance market, including Lloyd's, and in European insurance companies. In addition, since the founding of our company, we have been continuously working with insurance markets in Russia and Ukraine, which allows us to provide our customers with alternative solutions, placing risks in both traditional strong and emerging markets.

If necessary, we provide insurance coverage and policies of the country where the client or risk is located with further high-quality reinsurance support, always providing direct service, wherever you are.


Through rapid growth and expansion across a range of new product lines and implementation of team approach to solving the problem we are consolidated its position at the market, essentially expanded its insurance niche, swiftly diversified quantity and improved quality of the offered insurance services which includes:

  • Legal consultancy;
  • Recovery of losses;
  • Settlement of complicated disputes;
  • Indemnity for general average and salvage of property;
  • Risks management;
  • Loss prevention measures.
  • Insurance placement and / or tendering

    Outsourced risk manager or legal counsel

    Claims and recovery


    MRS’s full scale claims department operates as claims service to existing business giving an excellent after sales service, and also act, whenever is required, on a consultancy capacity.

    We believe that this department plays a significant role in the service industry we are in, the quality of services we provide and the commitment we have on the job we are doing.

    Our claims department is manned with well-experienced and efficient personnel, online, around the clock, to give the first advice and guidelines in order to prevent, avoid or cure a problem. Always working closely with the Clients and Insurers the claims department provides the best and the quickest result to a problem.

    As soon as an issue arises, a liaison between departments and systematic handling commences evaluating carefully the cover and all alternatives. The primary aim is to serve and protect the Principals’ interests having at all times the Underwriters on side. To achieve this we will not hesitate to dedicate time for a face-to-face discussion with the Owners or with the Underwriters. This leads to better understanding and evaluation of the situation, which in turn assists in optimizing and expediting the results.


    Operating as a full international insurance broking firm, we provide a full documentation flow in accordance with the requirements of international insurance market from the issuance of the "slip" to the participating Underwriters and "confirmation of cover" to our Clients, to the issuance of the "letter(s) of undertaking" to the various Mortgagees.

    MRS's documentation is readily accepted worldwide by Clients, Underwriters, and Mortgagees. This highlights the company's reputation and recognition internationally.

    Contact details

    MRS Inc., Global Bank Tower, 18-th Floor, Suite 1801,
    50th Street, Panama, Republic of Panama
    Registration Nbr. 605848-1302174

    Director: Mr. Edward Petre-Mears
    Marine Hull and P&I: Mr. Deniel Bogan
    Marine Cargo: Mr. Victor Lene.
    Accounting: Ms. Kellee France